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The mission of the Department of Afro-American Research, Arts, and Culture is to identify the global significance of the creative contributions pioneered by an international diaspora of Afro-Americans.

“Afro-American arts and culture have been part of many societies, but the advancements in American society lead to various forms of documentation. Filmmaking is one of the most visual perspectives for Afro-American history and culture. Due to the oppression of Afro-Americans, much of the art and culture were lost or destroyed. That led to the misrepresentation of Afro-Americans’ influence on society.”

Dr. James D. Spinks / DAARAC / Director

Blackness is a psychological and physical imprint of being, living, and learning. DAARAC serves as an educational point of reference to assist in the proud narrative of the Afro-American experience worldwide in literature, film, photographs, memorabilia, and various forms of performance art. 

"The term "Afro-American" describes the diaspora of African descendants from around the world, but with concentrations on African descendants in the United States of America."

Dr. James D. Spinks / DAARAC / Director

Through art, an audience gains perspective and understanding of the intentions and purpose of its artists. DAARAC aims to pave the shattered grounds broken by an undying embodiment of culture and consciousness of a people who shaped history.

“DAARAC thrives through a visual presentation that broadens the scope of Afro-American cinema. Our website and organization provide researchers, institutions, collectors, and enthusiasts the unique opportunity to discover over a century’s worth of Afro-American cinema at one location.”

Dr. James D. Spinks / DAARAC / Director

DAARAC redefines a lineage of heroic accomplishments, highlighting an anthology of style through expressions of impetuous power and passages of glory and grace. In this universal lens, we allow future generations to select new positions to fill by unearthing an endangered archive of beautiful art.

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