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Board of Directors


Dr. James D. Spinks

Dr. Spinks is the director of the Department of Afro-American Research Arts and Culture (DAARAC). He is an educator of Mathematics (B.S. and M.S.) and a consultant in meteorology (Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science). Dr. Spinks is a collector of African-American films and founded DAARAC as a non-profit organization in 2019.

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AJ Wone

AJ Wone is a self-published author, performing artist, writer, and director with a focus on reshaping Black identity through media. Wone taught creative writing, editing, and videography for over 20 years and currently is developing an over-the-top streaming platform.


Dr. Nwachi G. Pressley-Tafari

Dr. Tafari is a Life-Long Learner. He is a licensed narrative life coach, adult developmental educator, and human scientist. He is a published writer, having written more than five chapters for various texts on adult learning and the healing nature of the erotic.


Latonya Mitchell

Latonya is an artist and creative contributor to Black arts and culture. She possesses a degree in psychology where her understanding of the mental well-being of humans is expressed through her creativity in various art forms.

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